The Solutions

These are our hunger solutions for feeding families today and uniting for a healthier tomorrow.

Full Cart

As America’s Virtual Food Bank, we invented a food delivery model which focuses on options for fundraising and food delivery. Through Full Cart, we provide food to vulnerable members within low-to-moderate income populations.

Operating with a national footprint, we distribute our food to specific geographic locations across the country while collaborating across our network of partners to identify and address root causes of hunger.

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Hunger Projects

Hunger Projects are fun, high-energy and hands-on meal packaging events that empower volunteers to make a tangible difference in the fight against hunger.

With music booming, teams work together to package delicious meals for families in need across the world and right here at home.

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Disaster Relief

When natural disasters occur, communities join together to rebuild and show up in immediate response to help those who need it most.

Each disaster relief meal kit includes food items that can sustain people without access to basic necessities that we often take for granted.

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Data Solutions

We support and promote improved overall health and wellness of vulnerable populations through data driven solutions, which means that we have adopted a new comprehensive approach to how our organization defines itself.

We are determined to help solve multiple systemic issues in a more formal way, designed to create a greater social return for those we serve.

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International Distribution

As a homage to our founding name, Feeding Children Everywhere, we will continue to serve hungry children around the world.

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