America's Virtual Food Bank


Our Full Cart® program is America's Virtual Food Bank. We use our virtual food bank to collaborate with key community partners and provide food with dignity and discretion. We connect those in need of food assistance with organizations who provide solutions such as access to food, housing, education, healthcare, and financial stability.

140,000+ Packages

of Full Cart® Food Have Been Delivered Through Our Virtual Food Bank, Thanks To Generous Donors.


We deliver food boxes directly to the front door of people in need of assistance, with dignity and discretion.


With funds from corporate and individual donors and foundations, we partner with community-based organizations to identify the needs of individuals and families. Once we identify those in need, we work collectively with our partners to survey individuals who have asked for help, which begins with us sending them a box of food.

How To Partner through Full Cart

Laptop showing Full Cart virtual food pantry that enables partners to get food to hungry applicants

Virtual Food Pantry

Hassle-free food assistance

Our virtual food pantry model allows corporate and community partners to identify and assist those in need with the dignity and discretion that they deserve. Working together, we identify and provide solutions for root causes of hunger throughout communities. We will send a Full Cart box to identified households with dignity and discretion.

Provide a space where you can send people to request food assistance that you fund.

Provide a space for people to join your efforts by fundraising through a virtual food drive.

Every dollar generated goes toward sponsoring a box of food for individual households.

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Laptop showing Full Cart Virtual Food Drive so donors can fundraise to send food to families in need

Virtual Food Drive

Virtual fundraising platform

Trade cans for cash in your own Virtual Food Drive to help real families in need of food assistance. As a fundraiser, you allow others to also donate and help families who currently unable to help themselves.

Employee Engagement allows companies to create awareness of food assistance needed within communities and donate to help those within specific populations.

Activate the Corporate Social Responsibility opportunity of other partners and clients that you do business with.

Every donation spsonsors a box of food, delivered directly to a family's door.

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Full Cart Virtual Food Bank box of food for families in need

Full Cart® Pantry

Shelf-Stable Food

What's Inside?
Full Cart Virtual Food Bank fresh box of produce for families in need

Full Cart® Fresh

Fresh Produce

What's Inside?
Full Cart Virtual Food Bank boxes of food for families in need

Full Cart® Foods

Wholesale Purchasing

What's Inside?


We analyze the data collected through self-reported surveys to produce comprehensive reports about our Full Cart population. This is the foundation for a collection of organizations who work together to care about the overall wellbeing of others.

Working collectively, we question the underlying poverty-driven factors that forced people to seek food assistance help from organizations in the first place.

Collecting and reporting on data helps us gain the insight required to assist each of our network collaborators to assess and anticipate current and future resource needs, providing detailed information on the impact of specific donations and grants.

Southeast Orlando map with red dots indicating hungry families in need and green and red zones indicating food deserts.

Map the impact

We will assist our key collaborators by helping them understand the number of sponsored households, who receive our food down to the individual level. We will visualize where food has gone, detailing our collective impact.

Map the need

We need to understand the status of needs, across the population. Down to the individual or household level, we identify and communicate where there is need and how we can partner to help, based on stated need.

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