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Feeding Children Everywhere is now U.S.Hunger

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1 in 4 people struggle with food insecurity. We are on a mission to change that by addressing hunger at its root causes. Join us as we fight hunger today and provide solutions for tomorrow.

Full Cart®

Our Full Cart® program addresses the root cause of hunger by partnering with donors, corporations, and community partners to cover the cost of food and ship it directly to the front door of those in need.

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Hunger Projects

Hunger Projects are fun, high-energy and hands-on meal packaging events that empower volunteers to make a tangible difference in the fight against hunger. Register to volunteer or host your own event!

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Resource Connect

Resource Connect is a data-driven partnership approach to identifying and connecting people to resources and information that will help improve health outcomes as an innovative hunger solution.

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U.S. Hunger began “around the table.” Our founder started the organization in 2010 around his kitchen table to send meals to the earthquake-ravaged villages in Haiti. Over the last decade, millions of meals have been distributed across the globe and right here in the United States. As a homage to our founding name, Feeding Children Everywhere, we will continue to serve hungry children around the world.



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Operating with an international footprint, we distribute our food to specific geographic locations around the world and across the country while collaborating across our network of partners to identify and address root causes of hunger.


Our food is just the beginning. Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) are underlying poverty-driven socioeconomic factors that force people to seek food in the first place. We are using our food as a platform for working with partners to identify and help provide solutions for addressing the FIVE major determinants, which are economic and social health promoting factors that best determine how we all live and work.

Boy with pencil fights hunger in relation to access to education

Access to Education

Hungry woman opening box with food security

Food Security

Hungry woman in hospital

Access to Healthcare

Keys in door of affordable house

Affordable Housing

Stack of coins represent economic stability that affects hunger

Economic Stability

Access to Education

Food Security

Access to Healthcare

Affordable Housing

Economic Stability

We understand that we have an obligation to not just feed people, but to address the Issues in relationship with one another.


It takes a village to fight food insecurity, yet, increasingly in America’s priority populations, the village is missing. At U.S. Hunger, we are building a village of corporate and community partners who directly address those socioeconomic issues that make people hungry in the first place. Together, we are building this village on the foundation of teamwork.

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