U.S. Hunger to Present at CFRAE

January 22, 2021

Longwood, FL. — U.S. Hunger (formerly Feeding Children Everywhere) announced that they will host a panel at The Conference on Food Resilience, Equity, and Access (CFRAE) on January 28th.

CFRAE provides a forum to facilitate much-needed dialogue and cooperation between local, private, and public organizations to share experiences and best practices that address food insecurity for people most at risk during emergencies and disasters. The conference represents a variety of aspects regarding inequities that exist within the root causes of food insecurities, including national supply chain conversations, the relationship of climate and land, identifying and serving populations, innovative programs, and effects on policy. Registration is open and free at www.foodresiliency.net.

U.S. Hunger (USH) will host a panel titled “America’s Virtual Food Bank: Data-Driven Solutions to End Food Insecurity.” The organization’s CEO, Rick Whitted, will discuss how USH pivoted their revenue model in the midst of a global pandemic, using their expertise in shipping and logistics, to deliver nearly 70,000 boxes of food directly to the homes of families in need last year. “We are excited to host a panel at the first-ever CFRAE. Our decision to invest in technology has allowed us to build a platform of collaboration for our partners. We’re grateful to be part of this conversation, and share how technology has changed the way we serve our clients and multiplied our impact,” says Whitted.


U.S. Hunger is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization feeding people today and uniting them for a healthier tomorrow. Since 2010, U.S. Hunger has activated more than 830,000 volunteers to package and distribute over 140 million meals (more than 15 million pounds of food) to children and families in need. Learn more at http://www.ushunger.org.

Sarah Aranguibel-Davila