U.S. Hunger Announces Heart-Friendly Partnership with Lipton

January 17, 2023

Longwood, FL. — U.S. Hunger (USH) is teaming up with Lipton to make nutritious meals more accessible for those in need. Lipton has committed to providing 5,000 boxes of heart-friendly food through USH’s food assistance delivery program, Full Cart.

Of families requesting food assistance through Full Cart, 73.5% live with at least one chronic illness, 33.1% live in a food desert, and 42.6% report a lack of transportation access to grocery stores1. As a brand working to create a world where well-being is always within reach, Lipton supports programs like Full Cart, which tackles these barriers head-on by delivering heart-friendly boxes of food directly to the front doors
of families in need.

2,500 families in select markets (Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Miami, Montgomery, Nashville, and New York City) will receive two boxes of heart-friendly food, alongside nutritious meal recipes to help educate families on how to make easy, affordable, family meals at home. Each box will contain Lipton Unsweetened Green Tea and Unsweetened Black Tea. Unsweetened tea is a budget-friendly beverage that can also help support a healthy heart with its combination of flavonoid content, hydration, and zero calories and zero added sugars2. Tea is one of the best sources of flavonoids, which are natural, dietary compounds associated with heart health benefits3. “Innovative partners like Lipton, who put their client’s stories, experiences, and needs at the center of its efforts, is what we know will finally move the needle on solving food and nutrition inequity,” said Rick Whitted, CEO of USH.

USH is committed to listening, documenting, and preserving the real-life stories of those affected by food insecurity. These collected voices provide the insight required to address root causes and drive lasting change. The organization’s proprietary data platform, Impact Manager, offers a unique point of view that enables partners to better engage in holistic health outcomes. USH is excited to continue seeking and growing partnerships like this, with brands dedicated to understanding the social determinants of health. To explore USH’s research, or to request a demo visit: https://ushunger.org/datacenter/



U.S. Hunger has activated more than 850,000 volunteers to distribute over 150 million meals across the globe. USH addresses hunger by engaging volunteers, educating on the root causes of food insecurity, and creating access to nutritious meals for low-income families and individuals. The organization has distributed meals in 53 countries, and every state of the U.S. (including Puerto Rico). Learn more at https://www.ushunger.org.

Sarah Aranguibel-Davila