The Birthday Gift That Keeps on Giving

December 18, 2020

One birthday donation can spark change in a community. At just 7 years old, a young world-changer from Texas realized the importance of helping end hunger. While he was with his family eating dinner, Pranav expressed that he wanted to help children that go hungry every day. Finally, after doing some searching, his mother found our organization. She told him of the mission and the impact on millions of lives around the world, and he chose to donate his birthday to fight hunger.

A Young Hunger Hero’s Impact

Family members and friends were blown away by the selfless decision at his young age. He and his family believe that fighting for hunger is essential because food is something that many people take for granted. They believed that there is a gap in the awareness that not everyone gets the luxury of food security. Moreover, they know that being of a healthy mind and body, helps with happiness and taking on the challenges in life.

Since making this donation, he has told all of his friends about the cause and encouraged them to make a difference in their own community. As a result, Pranav has even changed the way he values the meals he gets. Now, the young hunger hero tries hard not to waste food and only get what he will eat. He has become more grateful for the food that he gets. This family believes that “It is vital to create awareness among the people that fighting hunger is among the biggest challenge of today and how people around various parts of the world struggle for even one meal a day”.

Take action now to spread awareness and be mindful of food waste. You can help fight hunger in small ways by donating extra food to your local food bank or partner with us. To find local volunteering opportunities, events, and other ways to get involved, sign up for our newsletter or stay connected with us on Facebook!