Press Release: Hunger Doesn’t Take a Break Over The Holidays

December 8, 2021

Longwood, FL. — Over 33 million people live in food-insecure households (source: USDA). Families are facing unprecedented financial strains this holiday season with skyrocketing inflation, emerging job layoffs, record fuel prices, medical expenses, and year-over-year rent increases. Families have to make hard choices when paying their bills and far too often food and good nutrition are the first expenses to be cut. “We see nearly every demographic, from all walks of life asking for help,” says Rick Whitted, CEO of U.S. Hunger. The organization provides nutritious food delivered directly to the front door of families who are facing food emergencies. Whitted shares that many are finding themselves in a first-time hunger crisis and need help in bridging their budget with emergency grocery supplies to help feed their families.

Since 2010, U.S. Hunger has provided over 150 million meals in the United States and over 53 countries worldwide. “The need is so great, especially around the holidays,” says Whitted. He goes on to say his organization has over 160,000 families on a waiting list who need their assistance. “It’s difficult to keep up with all those who need our help.”

U.S. Hunger operates a virtual food bank program called Full Cart. After people request assistance online at, they work with donors to provide a box of nutritious food staples that are mailed directly to their homes. During this process, USH captures their stories and needs through an online survey. This has helped the organization connect the dots to the root causes of hunger. Whitted says “It’s hard enough to be hungry, but it’s also humbling to have to go to a food pantry and ask for help. We want to help them keep their dignity in this tough time. Any of us could suddenly be in their shoes.”

The Full Cart program allows donors to contribute funds to U.S. Hunger which covers the expenses of acquiring, storing, boxing, and mailing the food to those in need. U.S. Hunger has another program called “Hunger Projects” where volunteers gather and pack meals for distribution. Companies, sports teams, groups, associations, and individuals across the country have volunteered to help package meals for U.S. Hunger to distribute. “It’s been very rewarding to see the volunteers come together and support our cause. Between our coordination and oversight, and the help of our volunteer groups, we do great things together.”

The non-profit organization is committed to maximizing the funds raised to ensure as many people are fed as possible. Whitted says “Over 83 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to feeding those in need, which is an amazing testament to our team. They work tirelessly to make every dollar count to support those in need.”

Anyone who donates funds to U.S. Hunger or volunteers for the cause is named a Hunger Hero by the organization. Whitted says “Hunger impacts everyone regardless of age, race, religion, or family size. We need more Hunger Heroes to help feed our fellow human.” You can help feed those in need this holiday season by going to and donating funds or your time. Any gift to U.S. Hunger no matter the size is valuable in working toward eliminating hunger.


U.S. Hunger is a non-profit global leader in the fight against hunger and is committed to feeding families today and uniting them for a healthier tomorrow. Having activated more than 850 thousand volunteers who have distributed over 150 million meals across the globe, U.S. Hunger is committed to addressing hunger at the root cause of food insecurity for low-income families and individuals. Based out of Longwood, Florida the organization develops innovative solutions to work toward ending hunger. U.S. Hunger is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Federal tax ID 27-3274349.

Sarah Aranguibel-Davila