FCE Announces Rebrand to U.S. Hunger

January 15, 2021

Longwood, FL. — Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) announces a major rebrand to reflect the organization’s growing impact. Feeding Children Everywhere is now operating as U.S. Hunger.

The rebrand is part of an ongoing effort to better understand the overall health of the families they serve. In collaboration with community-based partners, the organization has spent the last year collecting primary data from its recipients, showing that approximately 41% of the individuals they served in 2020 were seniors. The name change represents an expansion in supporting all communities experiencing food insecurity.

“The new look and feel of our brand now correctly reflects that we are more inclusive in how we identify and understand food security solutions while working with our partners across the country. The entire organization, including our executive board, has embraced increasingly innovative ways to focus on feeding our neighbor. And our team has done a tremendous job of bringing it all to life, stated U.S. Hunger CMO, Tiffany Kobashigawa.

With a focus on data-driven solutions, the organization is developing programs that combat economic instability and food insecurity, while improving social and physical environments that promote good health. Their Virtual Food Bank program, Full Cart, delivers boxes of food directly to families in need. With fresh produce and heart-healthy options, the Full Cart program directly addresses gaps in services experienced throughout underserved communities.

“After 10 years of fighting food insecurity, what started around a dining room table has turned into a global movement. We will stay true to our roots, and continue serving families abroad; the Feeding Children Everywhere legacy will live on as the official name of our international program. But with growth, comes new challenges, and we are dedicated to using our data-driven solutions to better understand why families are hungry and connect them to the resources they need.” says U.S. Hunger CEO, Rick Whitted.


U.S. Hunger is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization feeding people today and uniting them for a healthier tomorrow. Since 2010, U.S. Hunger has activated more than 830,000 volunteers to package and distribute over 140 million meals (more than 15 million pounds of food) to children and families in need. Learn more at https://www.ushunger.org.

Sarah Aranguibel-Davila