Farm Fresh Facts

March 17, 2021

When it comes to getting the most nutrients in your food, fresh local produce has many great benefits. Fresh fruits and vegetables straight from a local farm are better for our overall well-being, reduces food waste, and supports our communities. Implementing a balanced and nutritious diet into your life with fresh fruits and vegetables is one step closer to a healthy lifestyle and receiving the nutrients everyone needs.

From Farm to Family

American farmers aim to decrease food waste and increase nutrition by providing the freshest and healthiest food possible. Agriculture in the United States plays a large role in strengthening food security across the nation, along with helping the environment and economy.

When grocery stores carry fresh produce, chances are that the food is not as fresh as it could be. From the moment it’s picked from the field to its placement on the shelves in stores, many days could pass by. According to one store, Down to Earth, “Fruits and vegetables lose their optimal nutritional value as soon as they are picked…Other factors such as the exposure to air, artificial lights, and temperature changes can also contribute to the decrease in nutritional value.” Because of this, the food at grocery stores may not be as nutrient-packed as they originally were, and truly fresh produce straight from the farm to families is so important.

Here at U.S. Hunger (formerly Feeding Children Everywhere), we recognize the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables. With the introduction of our Full Cart Fresh produce box, families most impacted by chronic health issues and more likely to consume unhealthy meals, receive a box of fresh and nutritious produce straight to their doorstep.

Fresh Food as Medicine

Image showing daily recommended fruit and vegetable intake to fight hunger and promote good healthFresh produce is the best food someone can eat due to its richness of nutrients and vitamins, contributing to the betterment of overall health. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “Research suggests eating enough fruits and vegetables [daily recommended intake of 2½ cups of vegetables and 1½ cups of fruit] is linked to a lower risk of many chronic diseases and may help protect against certain types of cancer…”

Full Cart Fresh helps close food insecurity gaps by shipping a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables directly to the front door of our most vulnerable — those struggling with chronic health illness, vulnerable seniors, or those without easy access to the store. This quick, direct-to-door delivery reduces the transit life of the produce, which provides a more optimal level of nutrients. By shipping produce straight from the farm, Full Cart Fresh ensures that every individual receiving a box can start their journey to healthy eating. We partner with American farms to guarantee the freshest U.S. grown fruits and vegetables sent straight to a family’s table.

Please note: Full Cart Fresh is currently available for delivery within select states with plans for further expansion. To learn more about the Full Cart Fresh produce, please visit